Redmond Xcoders Thursday: Swift Basics with Olof Hellman

At the Redmond Xcoders meeting on Thursday at 7 pm, Olof Hellman will take us on a tour of Swift.

Olof writes:

The Swift programming language offers some features that can change the way an old-school Apple programmer thinks about writing code. Taking full advantage of Swift enums and Swift optionals results in code that’s just structured differently from an equivalent Objective-C implementation. Using the filter-map-reduce features of Swift collections can make code feel more straightforward. Swift’s strict type system can be a total pain, but embracing it can make code more robust

I’ll take attendees on a tour through some Swift code that shows off some of these features, and point to some of the things I especially like about Swift. Ideally, folks who are new to swift (both old-school Apple programmers and complete neophytes) will come away with an appreciation of what makes Swift a compelling programming language.