Redmond Xcoders meets Thursday at 7pm at Thinkspace.

Liz Marley will present “I’m a Coder: NSCoding & Codable.” Liz writes:

Is Codable just a new name for NSCoding? Why do we have both? Can we use them together? You may also want to attend this talk if you’ve been meaning to support state restoration.

It’s a new thing, but its foundational — every Mac and iOS developer should know about Codable.

Seattle Xcoders unofficial meeting — no presentations, no actual meeting — is this Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Cyclops. We’re in the back, in the restaurant section. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Surely we’ll all be talking about what’s to come at WWDC. :)

It’s NSCoder Night Seattle! Takes place every Tuesday night at Wayward Coffeehouse (6411 Roosevelt Way NE) from 7 to 10 pm. Put it on your calendar.

All you need is a laptop with a working keyboard and a project. The project doesn’t have to be working. :)

NSCoder Night Seattle is tonight at Wayward Coffeehouse (6411 Roosevelt Way NE) from 7 to 10 pm.

Bring your laptop and a project — and be prepared to help people and get help. And remember to switch to decaf at some point so you’re not up all night!

Seattle Xcoders founder Joe Heck writes, in his iOS Dev Diary, about Using UIDocument:

UIDocument Lesson #1: it may be worth putting your model code into a framework so plugins and app extensions can use it.

The Seattle Xcoders meeting this week — Thurs. 6:30 pm at Zulily — features two talks that should be great.

They are “Code, Layout, and Design for Dynamic Type” by Paul Goracke and “Detangling Gesture Recognizers” by Shannon Hughes.

Seriously — don’t miss this one!

NSCoder Night Seattle is tonight — this very night! — at Wayward Coffeehouse (6411 Roosevelt Way NE, 7–10 pm).

Add it to your calendar. Make it an every-week event.

Just bring your laptop and your project — and remember how lucky we are that our community is so awesome!

For the Seattle Xcoders June 13 meeting, we’d love to present a series of lightning talks on new things introduced at WWDC.

Around 5-8 minutes in length. You don’t need a topic yet, since we don’t know what the topics will be yet. :)

Get in touch! Email us at

If you’ve never done a talk before, or have done so only rarely, know that this is a great way to get started. It’s a short format, and it is, by necessity, on a topic that none of us know well — and the Xcoders audience is super-friendly. Everyone’s rooting for you to do well, and people aren’t jerks. :)

NSCoder Night Seattle is tonight at Wayward Coffeehouse: 6411 Roosevelt Way NE, 7-10 pm. (It’s every Tuesday night. Put it on your calendar!)

Bring your laptop and your project. Everyone is welcome. Including you. You especially, that is: you should go!

Redmond Xcoders this Thursday

Redmond Xcoders is this Thursday at 7pm. Maura Goodwin will give a talk: “This is your brain on UITextField.”

Maura writes:

We’ll look at UI from a perspective informed by reading research and basic neurology. To better understand how these topics are relevant to app design, we’ll focus on two common UI elements: UITextFields and UISliders.

To provide specific examples for each UI element, we’ll consider Type 2 Diabetes. Millions of people have this condition, and some of these patients are functionally illiterate. This raises interesting questions for UI design.

The goal of this presentation is to help coders think about how UITextFields and UISliders can be incorporated into projects, and what unique benefits each of these UI elements can provide.

This sounds utterly fascinating — and a context not often considered.

Thursday night is Seattle Xcoders unofficial — no meeting, just hanging out and talking at the Cyclops. Food and drinks are available. We start around 6:30 pm.

It’s good for you. Get out of the house or office and see some other people! It’s healthy.