Seattle Xcoders Feb. 14: Cyclops Only

The next meeting day for Seattle Xcoders would be Thursday, Feb. 14 — but that’s a holiday, and so we’re not having an actual meeting with talks.

Instead, we’ll make it a Cyclops-only night. Starting time is approximately 6:30 pm. (It’s totally okay to be early or late.)

Seattle Xcoders Unofficial Fifth Thursday at Waterwheel

This Thursday (January 31) we have an unofficial meeting at the Waterwheel in Ballard at 6:30 pm.

Note the unusual location! Not the Cyclops. This is our special fifth Thursday place.

Start time is approximate, and end time is completely unknown. There’s no actual meeting — we’re just hanging out and talking about stuff.

Also note that the Waterwheel doesn’t have food anymore, so eat beforehand. Or maybe grab something to go from Un Bien, which is very nearby and is soooo good. Sometimes we order pizza, though there’s no guarantee.

Gus Mueller writes about MacOS Notarization:

I wrote a Python script which calls out to the notarization tools with the addition of having the response format set to xml (and it was in the plist format, which was then easily fed into Foundation.NSDictionary). The script analyzed the current state of things and either waited a while before querying the notarization servers again to see if it’s done, or stapled on the notarization bits if it was. Then a new build of Acorn makes its way to the internet.

Unofficial Seattle Xcoders: Thursday, Jan 24 6:30pm at Cyclops

On the fourth Thursday of each month, we have an unofficial Seattle Xcoders. There’s no meeting — we just get together at the Cyclops in Belltown around 6:30pm. (The start time is unofficial too, but 6:30 sounds good.)

It gives us a chance to chat and catch up with friends and make new friends.

We’re in the back, in the raised section — next to the bar, but still part of the restaurant. Everyone is welcome! Xcoders isn’t just for coders. :)

The Swift Community Podcast is new — it’s “a podcast for the Swift community, by the Swift community.”

Episode one features Chris Lattner talking about the initial prototype of Swift from before it was even called Swift.

Jared Sorge’s app Scorebook is back on the App Store:

Scorebook got removed from sale by Apple in January of last year. I spent most of the year sad about that, and late in the year I asked myself a big question: Had the time come to let it go?

Screw that noise. Let’s get to work.