Black Lives Matter

(The below statement was written for our meeting tonight — but it should be said publicly as well, to help make sure it’s not missed.)

We’d like to take a moment to express Xcoders’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the continuing protests in Seattle and around the country. Xcoders believes in justice for the Black members of our community.

As a group, Xcoders remains dedicated to offering a welcoming space for members of the tech community interested in sharing their work. Especially now, we would be thrilled to help increase the visibility of Black members (old or new) wanting to share their skills or experience by hosting talks, offering podcast appearances, or publicizing blog posts.

As individuals, many Xcoders attendees have an extraordinary amount of privilege, and the ability to effect change in our teams, companies, and cities. We’d like to ask everyone here tonight to take some time to think about how you can engage with these issues. Whether that means educating yourself on the challenges facing Black Americans, fixing an injustice in your workplace, setting up a recurring donation, or participating in tomorrow’s Black Lives Matter march in Seattle, we encourage everyone to show their own support.