Thinking About the Return of Seattle Xcoders

We don’t have a date set — late spring would be the earliest, and that’s pretty optimistic — but we’re starting to think about how Seattle Xcoders will return.

It’s likely we’ll start not with a formal meeting but with social-only outdoor gatherings. There are a number of restaurants, pubs, and venues with outdoor seating, and we’ll pick one of them.

Eventually we’ll return to having meetings with presentations, but that may wait until late summer or even later.

In the meantime, you can prepare by getting your shots!

It’s our strongest expectation that every attendee will be fully vaccinated — even, or especially, at the initial outdoor gatherings.

While we can’t require or enforce that each person is vaccinated, we ask you to remember that vaccines save other people’s lives. You don’t know who you might see who is especially at risk, or who has a close friend or family member who is.

We also ask that nobody pressure anyone else to attend. Even joking, even with affection. These are stressful times, and people need to feel okay about making their own decisions about what is and isn’t safe without the newly returned burden of social expectation.

We’ll have more news when we have more news. For now, stay safe and healthy, and please get your vaccine so we can all be together again!